Detox In Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

addictionThe detox process that addicts have to go through in rehab is a tough one and can be frustrating, frightening and physical draining. This is an important part of healing though and those who have been addicted to drugs in the long term must go through it if they want to heal.

The process allows those who have been suffering from addiction to approach rehabilitation with a clean body and a clear mind, so that they can become active participants in their own healing. The chemicals that the body has to process and get rid of are toxic and the simple act of trying to rid the body of these can result in symptoms that include anxiety, nausea and vomiting, depression, sweating and shaking and many others.

Some drugs are very dangerous to the human body during detox and opiate detoxing requires addicts to take other medications in order to heal. A new development to help deal with this has recently come to light and is being used in more and more centres that treat addicts.

This is called rapid detox and it allows drugs to be removed from the body quickly while the patient is under anesthesia.

Of course, this is a surgical process and therefore, anyone who wishes to undergo it must be checked into hospital. It does mean though that rather than usual ten-day process of detox, a patient may get through this stage within six hours.

Rapid detox is a programme that has come under a lot of scrutiny and skepticism, because rehab is not supposed to be a quick and easy process. However, if there are fewer side effects to this treatment, and it involves less pain over a shorter period, patients will ultimately want to do it, and who could blame them?

Detox is a scary thing to go through, either in rehab or by oneself and so when going into rehab, it helps to be informed and to trust in the services that medical professionals provide. This is a process that is not quick and easy, but with medical advancements is becoming more so.