How Cocaine Addiction Hurts You

Learn the cycle of cocaine addiction treatment and help your loved one beat it.  The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to treat cocaine addiction and really get your loved one off drugs.

Unlike Methamphetamine addiction, cocaine addiction can actually ‘sneak up’ on the user over time.  This may take a few weeks or months before a real problem begins to set in.  And before the “casual user” even suspects there might be an addiction, the bank account is drained, the jewelry is gone, the credit cards are maxed out and the mortgage is three months behind.  Even at this stage, the addict will strongly deny any addiction even when incarcerated.  This is the truth about addiction that ultimately leaves your loved one to suffer.

Cocaine Addiction usually starts innocently as an experiment or as just going along with the crowd.  For some people, cocaine use remains casual.  But for many the ‘rush’ or sense of ‘euphoria’ is just too tantalizing and the casual cocaine user gradually becomes an addict without even realizing it, even after it totally rules their life.  It is as though cocaine addiction has an inherent denial of itself.  Even after being arrested, incarcerated and rehab, an addict often totally denies that there is any problem.  This is the real problem of drug addiction: the complete denial that there is any addiction.  It is this denial that ultimately leads to the addicts’ life spiraling out of control.

The key is to give the addict a real opportunity to prove to you that they are not addicted.  Most addicts jump at this chance as they are really interested in proving it to themselves.  One method is to give the addict money and dare them not to use it to buy Cocaine.  Tell them that you will follow-up with them in a day or so and ask if they used any of the money to buy Cocaine.  It is the mere fact you are pointing out that they must resist which makes it impossible for them to actually resist.  In most cases, the addicts mind will be so fixated on trying not to use the money to buy cocaine that the addict will find themselves buying within a few hours.  The will power of a bona fide drug addict with cash-in-hand is scientifically proven to be absolutely zero.  All you need to do is ask your loved one the very next day if they used any of the money you gave them to buy cocaine and really look them right in the eye.  Most addicts will break down at this point.  This is where you can actually take the addict directly to a rehab facility and they will commit themselves willingly.  Remember, avoid going that extra mile by forcing the addict to admit to being addicted or to tell you exactly what they did with the money.  Just take them to get help as the very next step.

Effective Cocaine addiction treatment can only begin when the addict can actually and honestly admit to even the smallest level of addiction.  The vast majority of addicts will “agree with the prison counselor” for no other reason than to be released faster or just avoid an argument, only to use cocaine again an hour or less after being released.  It is as though the addict is completely oblivious to the truth around them and actually race toward a long prison term or worse.  It is getting the addict to see any part of this truth that is the limiting factor in rescuing these individuals from the ravages of addiction.  The worst thing you can do for your addicted love one is to make accusations or have them committed against their will to some lock-down rehab facility. Remember, they are absolutely sure that they are not addicts and there is little you can do to change their minds.  Making accusations or committing them to rehab only makes the addict angry and hate you, even though you are really only trying to help.


Understanding Addictions

Addictions eventually catch up with you and change your life in such a way that you will have to face the fact that you need help.  Recovering from addictions usually happens once you have hit the bottom and finally realize that you need help from outside sources so that you can lead a life that is addiction free.

Addictions eventually catch up with you and change your life in such a way that you will have to face the fact that you need help.  Recovering from addictions usually happens once you have hit the bottom and finally realize that you need help from outside sources so that you can lead a life that is addiction free.  There are many types of addictions that will have a devastating affect on your life.

Addictions, and recovery from them, require that you actively seek help from a source other than yourself.  You may want to start by consulting with your family doctor or with an addictions counselor.  This is a good place to start since it will be important to access both your emotional and your physical behavior as they are related to your addictions and your substance abuse.  You and your doctor will need to decide what is going to work best for you in order that you stop using your drug of choice.  It won’t matter what your type of addiction is since all addictions require the same amount of professional help and support.

There are several different types of addictions that you may or may not already be aware of.  Addictions include:

  • alcohol abuse
  • opiates
  • food addictions
  • marijuana abuse
  • relationship addictions
  • sex addictions
  • gambling addictions

People become addicted to many types of substances.  Many people become addicted to medications and other substances.  There are some substances that are more addictive than others.  For instance, drugs like heroin are so addictive and it can take it only one or two uses before a person is addicted.

A person who is addicted to cocaine has grown so used to the drug that they feel they can’t live without it. Addiction can be physical, psychological, or both.

Physical addiction is when a person has become physically dependent on a substance.  


Over time a person will build up a tolerance to that substance, so that they need a larger dose so that they get the same effects.  When an addict who is physically addicted to a substance stops using they may experience withdrawal symptoms.  Withdrawal can be much like having the flu and include symptoms such as the shakes, diarrhea, and weakness.


Believe that Recovery is Possible!


Freedom from addictions is often referred to as “recovery”.  There are many temporary solutions for freedom from addictions but there are really only two ways to permanently overcome addictions.

One of the most common methods of overcoming addictions is to be firm with the practice of abstinence.  This means that you completely stop using your drug of choice so that you have no way to continue to feed addictions.  This means that the alcoholic can never have another drink and that the gambling addict can never again go to a casino or other place where any type of gambling action takes place.  


This method of abstinence, however, won’t work with food addictions since you cannot stop eating. Wanting to give up your addictions is one thing, but to actually to follow through with abstinence is usually very difficult for an addict.  Many addicts think that they can continue with their addictions but to only use their drug of choice in a moderate manner.  For most people with addictions this is only a dream and wishful thinking.  Full recovery from addictions for most addicts will mean a lifetime of abstinence from their drug of choice.


For those addicts with addictions that can be controlled by limiting the drug of choice in a moderate manner, there is the realistic goal those addictions can be overcome permanently.  These types of addictions include food addictions, shopping addictions, and sexual addictions.  The addict will need to decide how much moderation they need to exercise before their addictions take over with addictive behavior once again.  This is the path of recovery from addictions.


Addiction Recovery Quotes


If you are suffering from a drug addiction or you know someone who is, chances are you will need help. To recover from a drug addiction is possible, especially if dramatic action is taken and the person is taken to a rehabilitation centre to recover. Something people should think about doing is to look for motivational quotes to help with the recovery.

It might sound like a strange thing to do that might not help at all in the recovery process, but the opposite is true. Many drug addicts have recovered and a lot of them wrote poems about what they have gone through. Some of them wrote pieces of work to be an inspiration to other people going through the same as they did, as they know how hard it can be.

These words of inspiration can be read even before the person decided to get help. It has happened that people read quotes and decide to get help because of these quotes. The quotes can further help to keep the person motivated and inspired by placing them on the walls. This will let the person remember what he is aiming towards.

Since there are going to be a lot of dark days and days where he will just want to give up, it would be best to have something to look at in those days. It will remind him as well as hopefully make him feel the strength to go on again knowing someone else has gone through the same ordeal and has made it successfully.

There are many positive sides to having quotes to help the drug addict with his recovery. These quotes do not have to be quotes from other drug addicts, it could be any quotes the drug addict finds helpful in any way. It is after all in the dark times we need words from people to comfort us and remind us of our path. If words of any kind can help the drug addict in his recovery, he should place these words wherever he can see it. He will need all the help he can get.

Some journeys are really hard in life and only those who know what they want, who stick it out, these includes the journey of drug recovery.

Recovery direct team are a major factor in helping a drug addict because they have a mentor who is present daily to monitor patients progress and to make sure they don’t throw in the proverbial towel (they don’t give up).

Drugs can be a life destroying problem on their own, the  quotes can be helpful when a person is being discharged from the rehab, because it will never be easy to go back and behave like nothing happened.

The aim of rehab is to ensure that a person agrees to having a problem and recovery drug quotes are there to discourage the drug addict from going back to a habit of taking drugs.

There is also availability of recovery drug quotes from the internet, people with the drug problem or those who have a family member can subscribe to these quotes which can be monthly or daily, but it would serve its purpose when a person subscribes to daily quotes.

Recovery drug quotes makes people see what they didn’t know they are capable of, telling a person with an addiction that they have power over drugs; they can even read it repeatedly to actually feel it and know that they can beat it and be drug free.

These quotes were written by different people who come from different backgrounds, some were victims, and some were directly affected because the member of a family or of a friend had a drug problem and others simply because they want to help due to the large number of drug addicts. The young people should be exposed to these quotes through a guidance classes because the number is increasing, some are doing it willingly, and by force.

Recovery without having someone to hold your hand, an addict can develop a partner which can be Recovery drug quotes who will always be available all day for as long as they need it to be there.